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Belminco Services

Our main services provided include the following:

Overview of Services


Belminco has a proven track record in providing management solutions that optimize plant efficiency through:

Belminco continually look for ways to maximize profits for their clients. One of the best ways to do this is to optimize production. This results in:

Increased efficiency image
Belminco Production Optimisiation Cycle

Selecting the right management and staff is critical to the success of any project. Belminco believe that good staff are the essential ingredient in achieving the correct mix between

Production Cost Maintenance Image

Belminco has an established recruitment division to ensure that we always have a constant supply of qualified, experienced people that are capable of producing results that benefit the client.

Other Contracting Services

Technical Services

Through our technical division we offer a fully integrated and comprehensive range of technical services to the ore processing sector of the mining industry.

By providing access to the best available technology, coupled with our years of on-site experience and expertise, we are able to implement practical, ongoing solutions to a variety of situations that prevent any potential problems in the future.

Other Technical Services

The Technical Services division of Belminco is a very versatile, diverse group of proven mining industry professionals who have the ability to oversee all the essential elements involved in successful project management.

At Belminco we use our on-site management experience to ensure that we always supply the best pool of qualified human resources from each discipline when providing an overall Technical Services Package to clients.

Belminco has completed several audits of mining operations throughout Australia with the aim of identifying areas with potential for reducing operating costs through increased plant efficiency.

Belminco was awarded and successfully executed the contract for closure of several gold mining operations in Western Australia

The Technical Services Division is currently overseeing the decommissioning, asset management and environmental aspects involved in these projects.


Belminco – Recruitment was formed with the express purpose of providing expert service in the field of personnel recruitment and selection to the Mineral Processing Industry. We specialize in both the recruitment and contract provision of:

Belminco Recruitment uses its vast experience and contacts gained from working and managing mineral processing facilities in Australia and overseas to ensure that we always supply the best person for the job.

We supply individual employees to several large mining companies and we also provide experienced teams of skilled workers on contract for varying periods to a range of clients.

There are three distinct advantages to using Belminco for your requirements:

Our Extensive Experience and networking within the industry means we know who has worked with who, what projects they have worked on and how they have performed. This knowledge gives us the ability to successfully match the job applicants skills and experience with the right position.

Realistic Job Previews – Experience has shown that providing realistic (positive and negative) information, actually increases the probability of an employee staying on for the long term once they accept the job.

Since new or potential employees have varying perceptions about what the job involves, a realistic job description helps define exactly what the job requirements are.

Persona Matching – An important aspect of recruitment is effectively matching the job applicants personality, interests and preferences with the right type of working environment, be it short term or long term.

We have an excellent track record of getting the right people to do the job. These people have often stayed on after the contract and proven to be a valuable asset to the organization.

Getting the job applicants to stay is as important as recruiting those who can do the job.